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After months of planning, it's kind of unfair how fast your wedding day goes by. You dedicate so much of your time to making sure this day is perfect. The perfect venue, the perfect dress, even the perfect date. Your wedding photos are so much more than “just photos.” They are the one thing that preserves those important decisions. They are tangible memories that are passed down to the generations to come. 
Choosing the perfect photographer is the best way to insure you get to keep reliving this day you spent so much time perfecting. 

for my sweet, fun loving couples...

with love, Monica

You filled out the contact form, now what?  I'll email you back and set up a meeting.  It can be via zoom, over coffee at Starbucks (or Peet's), or over the phone.  During our meeting, I'd love to get to know you and your fiancé, how you met, how you popped the question, and how your wedding plans are coming along.  At this time I'll answer any questions you might have. 

Let's Talk


TIP:  Consider an unplugged ceremony.  You don't want to get back your wedding photos of your first kiss only to be distracted by your guests with their phones out and in front of their face. 

You and your fiancé are ready to book, so let's secure your date! I'll send you over a proposal where you can look over your package and pay your retainer. Now that the boring part is over, you're officially an MK Bride! Let's have some fun!   

Make It Official


TIP: Create a wedding #hashtag. Guests can use your special hashtags when uploading photos. At the end of the night you can click on your #hashtag to view everyones photos of your wedding day! 

You're only engaged for a short amount of time, so make the most of it! Let's schedule your complimentary engagement session! From picking out your outfits and location to posing during your session, I'll guide you the entire time. This will be your chance to get comfortable and familiar in front of the camera before your big day. 

Engagement Session


TIP: Have your ring cleaned the day before your engagement session AND your wedding day. You'll want it to sparkle before pictures! 

It's time to get prepared. Once we're 12 weeks out, I'll reach out & we'll start customizing your timeline. I'm here to help you create your DREAM wedding! Now's the time to pull out your "Wedding" Pinterest board or screenshots of any cool ideas & photos you've saved! Even up until your wedding day, I'll be here and answer any last second questions or concerns you may have. I want to make your experience run as smooth as possible. 

Planning Your Dream Wedding 


TIP: Lots of couples get lost in trying to make sure their day is running smoothly while mingling with their guests. Schedule at least 30 min to hangout alone with your hubs/wifey and soak everything in! 

YAY! It's your wedding day! They day you've waited for your entire life! I want you to relax, celebrate, and cherish the day! It's going to go by so fast. My team and I will capture everything. We'll create dreamy, timeless photos that will be passed down for generations. While photographing your day, all my attention is on you! I'll be there to fluff your dress, fix any flyaways, and give you little pep talks when you need them. I'm here to make you feel beautiful (or handsome) and confident so you can spend your time living in the moment! 

Your Wedding Day!!


 TIP: Drink mint tea after waking up. It calms nerves & stomachaches.  
TIP: Cut off your hangtags (what your dress hangs from). You don't want them to come out and ruin photos. 
TIP: Don't wear a bra the morning of your wedding. It'll leave marks on your skin that will show in photos.

 The Wedding Process


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